How to choose a reliable international logistics company?

With the rapid development of Internet information, more and more people have access to the foreign world through customs clearance network. The subsequent wave of procurement and shopping has also led to the rapid development of domestic and foreign logistics industry. So what does international logistics do. What is the responsibility of international logistics. Various international logistics companies are emerging in an endless stream, one after another, one after another. So how can we choose a reliable international logistics company. I think we can start from the following key directions.


1、 Security

No matter what transportation mode is adopted, international logistics companies should consider safety issues. No matter who it is, they all hope that the goods can be safely transported to their destination. Especially for transnational transportation, the distance is not short, and the quantity of goods is basically not low. If there is no way to ensure safety, it will be a huge loss for enterprises. For example, the delivered goods are lost, damaged, etc. Therefore, when choosing international logistics companies, we must choose companies with high security to cooperate.

Regular international logistics companies have rich experience in international freight transportation. They know what kind of transportation mode to use, what kind of packaging to use, whether it needs a frame, whether it needs to be covered with waterproof cloth, etc. At the same time, there is an advanced information service platform, which allows customers to grasp the status of goods at any time. In case of abnormal conditions, experienced international logistics companies can timely and effectively provide customers with corresponding solutions and related compensation.

2、 Integrity

Speaking of honesty, I believe everyone knows its importance! If a person has no integrity, I believe he has few friends. Therefore, the same is true of choosing international logistics companies. For companies with high integrity, they must have a large number of stable customers. If transnational logistics is done well, many foreign trade companies will cooperate with it. Then more customers will bring changes in the company's large scale, more employees, more service outlets and high turnover. Therefore, international logistics companies with high integrity are more trustworthy!

3、 Timeliness

Import and export trade will pass through the national customs, always grasp the new policies of the national customs, and always pay attention to the local situation, which is very important. A strong customs declaration department is the primary task of international logistics companies. Whether to obtain advanced certification is also a measurement standard, which can improve the timeliness of cargo clearance.

4、 Price level

If the price is cheap, it will leave a lot of expenses and save costs. But here, we should pay special attention not to blindly pursue cheap international logistics companies. At least based on the first two, if the first two cannot be guaranteed, then only the price is cheap, and there is no choice. Believe that one price, one commodity. Choose an international logistics company with moderate price and good customer service attitude. If the price offered by the other party is lower than the market price, you need to be vigilant, and you may encounter a swindler company.